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Lighting Lives Across Yemen

Intracs Delivers Over 184 MW to 8 Citiesct

For nearly three decades, Yemen has grappled with a persistent electricity shortage crisis. The failure to execute essential projects, coupled with the absence of critical reforms in the power sector, has, until now, hindered the country's ability to meet growing demand. To combat this, Intracs has embarked on an ambitious project to provide essential power solutions to eight cities throughout the Republic of Yemen, enabling opportunities and lighting up lives in the process.

The Challenge

Yemen's power landscape is a delicate blend of diesel and gas sources, creating the formidable challenge of maintaining a consistent electricity supply across the nation. In a country where electrical power is the lifeblood of thriving communities, the absence of a reliable power supply disrupts daily life, affecting education, businesses, and various other aspects of society.

The Solution

Intracs, in partnership with the Yemeni government, accepted the critical challenge of providing 184 MW of power, thereby illuminating lives throughout the nation. This mission entailed a meticulously planned deployment of gas and diesel generators, ensuring that Yemen's cities continued to operate under normal conditions.

The Impact

The impact of Intracs' endeavours was immediate and far-reaching, ensuring that schools, homes, and businesses had the energy they required to maintain their daily operations. This power supply enabled Yemen's people to conduct businesses, pursue education, and carry on with their everyday lives. Intracs achieved this through:

  • Tailored Solutions for Unique Challenges: Intracs comprehends the uniqueness of each energy challenge and customises its power, heating, and cooling solutions to address these issues. This approach not only enhances immediate productivity but also paves the way for a more sustainable future.
  • Fueling Progress with Innovative Gas Power: Intracs' gas generators represent a pinnacle of innovation, featuring high-speed reciprocating gas engines renowned for their remarkable fuel efficiency, performance, and reliability. The company firmly believes in the potential of gas to drive progress, and its generators are a testament to this conviction.
  • Comprehensive Services Beyond Power: Intracs extends its comprehensive services to various domains, including the construction and supply of water treatment plants, the construction, supply, and leasing of diesel power plants with capacities of up to 20 MW, construction, supply, and leasing of gas power plants, and maintenance and operation processes for both diesel and gas power plants. These services demonstrate Intracs' commitment to Yemen, extending beyond individual projects to deliver sustainable power solutions that empower communities, stimulate economic growth, and pave the way for a brighter future.

Intracs' dedication to Yemen's power industry serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to empowering communities and providing essential energy solutions. By addressing the challenges in Yemen's power sector, Intracs has significantly impacted the lives of countless Yemeni people, ensuring that their lights stay on, and their communities continue to thrive.

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